Verifica su teatro elisabettiano e William Shakespeare


The “First Folio” is the collection of all Shakespeare’s works: sonnets, comedies and tragedies.




Why does Elizabethan theatre represent an evolution in performing art?

Because for the first time theatrical representation was set in public outdoor playhouses, instead of private courtyards.

Because for the first time playwrights wrote new plots, not based on classical models.

Because for the first time also women could act in the plays.


How much did a grounding (a standing place) cost at “The Globe” theatre?

Two pennies.

One penny.

It was free.

It was free for poor people.


Why did the theatres close in 1592?

Because the Puritan Parliament stated that theatres were immoral, so they were closed.

Because the plague started.

Because Queen Elizabeth I died, so they closed the theatres for a period of mourning.

Because a huge fire burnt down most of London.


Is it true that Shakespeare was a member of the acting company “Lord Chamberlain’s Men”?




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